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Artists Biography
Sergey Sidelev    

Sergey Sidelev is a very well known contemporary artist.

Sergey was born in 1963 in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

1983- graduated from the Art School named after Benkov in Bishkek.
1991 -graduated from the Theater-Decorative Institute named after A. N. Ostrovsky.

Since 1982 he is a regular participant in National and International Exhibitions. Since 1998 Sergey Sidelev lives in St. Petersburg. He takes part in every annual exhibitions of the Union of Artists. Sergey is a member of the International Association "Fine Art of People of the World".

Sergey is using a visual language of colour, line & form to communicate with his admirers. His paintings demonstrate great talent and abstract imagination powerfully expressed in a unique style via striking colourful forms to be interpreted freely. There is no need of logic of perspective or realistic details in Sergey’s paintings to reproduce visible reality. The energy of colour speaks for itself. The departure from reality by using only colour and form conspicuously and deliberately vis-a-vis realism is a way of Sergey to express himself truthfully and aims to alert free-flow of lyrics in each of the viewers hearts.

1999 -personal exhibitions in “Goethe Cultural Center” in St. Petersburg, Russia.
2000 -personal exhibition in “Union of German Culture”, named after Goethe in Moscow, Russia
Since 2001 he is a regular participant in the National State Exhibition in “Cultural Exhibition Hall” in Moscow, Russia.

His art works are in private and corporate collections in Russia, Germany, France, Sweden, Holland, USA and China.

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