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Filatov Vladimir Nikolaevich    

A landscape painter and a master of still life, Crimean artist Vladimir Nikolaevich Filatov was born in 1930, Solomino in Kursk Oblast (Russia). He participated in the great patriotic war, in which he survived the Nazi occupation and was hijacked to Germany. After the war, he returned home and worked in a factory.

In 1968, Filatov graduated from Moscow National University of Arts, named after N. K. Krupskaya. He has been living and working in Evpatoria (Crimea) since 1954 and has been a member of the Artist Union since 1984. In 2001, he was the honoured artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and since 1958, he has regularly participated in regional, Republican, all-Union and International exhibitions such as in Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. In 2007, he received social recognition in Evpatoria as a Laureate in the annual city competition. Personal exhibitions include Evpatoria (1967, 1971, 1982), Simferopol (1977, 1990), Sevastopol (1994), and Kyiv (2008, 2009).

In 2003, Filatov held a solo exhibition “The Energy of Crimea” in the National Tretyakov Gallery of the Russian Federation in Moscow in the framework of the “Year of Russia in Ukraine.” His works are in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Poland, France, Norway, Germany, Japan, and other countries.

It is difficult to relate Vladimir Filatov’s work to a specific period or style. The artist’s unique painting style is characterized by its heavy Impasto in combination with clear rhythm and momentum. His creative obsession, personal freedom, a sense of tragedy and at the same time his appreciation of the beauty of the world counterpart his worldview of creativity and the works of Van Gogh, whom Filatov considers his teacher.

The artist’s paintings depict scenes in real life, presented on canvas in the form of psychological sketches. His poetic field sketches, various tempera and oil paintings of Evpatoria in the so-called “Gobelenovom” style, and the emotional city landscapes do not necessarily reflect a particular area of a city, but the character, charm, and atmosphere of the place. All of his paintings are composed with complex colours and dynamic rhythm.

Still life has always had a special place in Filatov’s oeuvre. The artist has painted flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, and sometimes Maki. From those flowers on canvas the viewer would experience a persistent feeling that lingers—the joy of life and the inner strength of the man who painted them.

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