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Artists Biography
Nadia Blackford    

Russian Artist with a multicultural background. After graduation from Far Eastern Federal University, she moved to Japan and started work for a Wedding dress Design company. Her first role was as Creative Director for a weekly wedding dress show, where she was responsible for the stage design, music and dress selection. Nadia used her experience in Drama to create and direct performances and costume designs successfully. After one year she was offered the new position in a team of Japanese wedding dresses designers. She learnt the history behind Japanese Kimono and was given an amazing chance to work with traditional Japanese fabrics and techniques. She enjoyed the attention to details and the deep philosophy of Art and Design in the Japanese approach. Nadia moved to Hong Kong in 2014 to pursue the teaching side of art joining Anastassia’s Art House - the Russian academy of art, where she is currently, happily working. Nadia is a talented artist, with particular skills in figurative drawing and painting. She is adept at using both hand-drawn and digital media, with accomplished fashion illustrations and life drawings from her experience gained as a dress designer. Nadia is currently working in oil paint and watercolour, with her focus on everyday objects. Her very skillful, attractive compositions are fun of character painted from everyday life. Nadia’s work not only captures the flow of light across her subjects but also exhibits her love of colours and textures.

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